Equipment NameDailyWeeklyMonthly

Kubota U17 : 3,703 lbs, 12" or 18" bucket, 7'5" depth$165.$660.$2,640.
IHI 20 : 5,000 lbs, 18" bucket, 8'5" depth$165.$660.$2,640.
Komatsu 35: 8,500 lbs, interchangable buckets$220.$880.$3,520.
Kubota 121: 10,000 lbs$248.$990.$3,960.
Kubota 45: 12,000 lbs, interchangable buckets$275.$1,100.$4,400.
Kubota 80: 18,300 lbs, interchangable buckets$330.$1,320.$5,280.
Caterpillar 308: 18,000 lbs$358.$1,430.$5,720.
Caterpillar 320D: 45,000 lbs$550.$2,200.$5,720.
Caterpillar 330: 80,000 lbs$880.N/AN/A
Excavator attachments

750 ft lbs Hoe Ram (Komatsu 35, Kubota 45)$110.$440.$1,760.
1,000 ft lbs Hoe Ram (Kubota 80, Cat 308)$330.$1,320.$5,280.
1,000 ft lbs Hoe Ram (Cat 330)$1,100.$4,400.$8,800.
Auger (Komatsu 35)$110.$440.$1,760.
Auger Extra bit$28.$110.$440.
Bucket Extra (Komatsu 35, Kubota 45, Kubota 80) $28.$110.$440.
Thumb: aka Clamp (Kubota 45 & 121)$55.$330.$1,320.
Thumb: aka Clamp (Kubota 80)$110.$440.$1,760.
Vibrating Compactor (Kubota 45)$110.$440.$1,760.

Skid Steers

Vermeer S450TX Boxer$175.$700.$2,800.
John Deere 320D: Tire$233.$932.$3,728.
Bobcat 300                                  $248.$990.$3,960.
Bobcat T650$248.$990.$3,960.
Cat 299D$248.$990.$3,960.

Skid Steer Attachments

500 ft lbs Hammer$110.$440.$1,760.
Auger  (11.5"&17" bits)$110.$440.$1,760.
Broom: 7' Wide$110.$440.$1,760.
Bush Hog: 6' Light Duty (1/2" saplings)$88.$352.$1,408.
Bush Hog: 6' Heavy Duty (3/4" saplings)$110.$440.$1,760.
Clam "4 in 1" Bucket: 7' Wide$110.$440.$1,760.
Dozer Blade$110.$440.$1,760.
Grapple Bucket: 7' Wide$110.$440.$1,760.
Harley Rake: 6' Wide$110.$440.$1,760.
Hay Spear$55.$220.$880.
Manure Spreader$55.$220.$880.
Pallet Forks (Skidsteer & Backhoe)$55.$220.$880.
Pitch Fork$55.$220.$880.
Snow Box$110.N/AN/A
Tooth Bucket$110.$440.$1,760.


Kubota L4300 4WD 36 hp$125.$500.N/A

Tractor Attachments ​(50% off with Tractor rental)

Fertilizer Spreader$50.$200.N/A
Finish Mower$50.$200.N/A
Grader Box$50.$200.N/A
Posthole Digger$50.$200.N/A
2 Bottom Plow$50.$200.N/A

Large Equipment 

Backhoe Cat 420D: 16,000 lbs, 24" bucket, 4WD$330.$1,320.$5,280.
Backhoe Kubota BX23D: 2,700 lbs, 4WD$190.$760.$3,040.
Cat D3 Dozer: 16,000 lbs$330.$1,320.$5,280.
Cat D6 Dozer: 40,000 lbs$770.$3,080.$12,320.
Compaction Roller TV900-1: 3,500 lbs$165.$660.$2,640.
Compaction Roller TV1200-1: 6,400 lbs$220.$880.$3,520.
IHI 30 Carrier Crawler: capacity 1.8 cu. yds  $165.$660.$2,640.
IHI 45 Carrier Crawler: capacity 4.9 cu. yds $220.$880.$3,520.
JLG 1930ES Scissor Lift$110.$440.$1,760.
JLG 25RTS Platform Scissor Lift$193.$770.$3,080.
Gradall 534D Telehandler  2WD$193.$770.$3,080.
SkyTrak 6036 Telehandler $193.$770.$3,080.
Trencher Ditch Witch RT45 Ride On$358$1,430.N/A
Trencher Ditch Witch 3700 Ride On$358.$1,430.N/A

Towable & Medium Equipment

185 cfm Air Compressor trailer$110.$440.$1,760.
Chipper: 4" Diameter$220.N/AN/A
Concrete Mixer$83.$330.$1,320.
Georgia Buggy: 16 cu. ft$110.$440.$1,760.
Light Tower & Generator$165.$660.$2,640.
Log Splitter$77.$308.N/A
Straw Blower$165.$660.N/A
Stump Grinder: Lessee responsible for teeth$165.N/AN/A
Trailer: 16', dual axle, 2 5/16" ball, 6'11" Wide (without rental)$180.N/AN/A
Trailer (with rental)$100.N/AN/A
Trencher Vermeer: 20-24" Depth$138.$550.$2,200.
Trencher Ditch Witch 1010: 22-26" Depth$138.$550.$2,200.
Trencher Ditch Witch 1330: 30-36" Depth$165.$660.$2,640.
Trencher Trailer with walk behind trencher rental only$28.N/AN/A

Small Equipment

2" Trash Pump$44.$176.$704.
2" Trash Pump Discharge Hose$11.$44.$176.
2" Trash Pump Suction Hose$11.$44.$176.
3" Trash Pump$50.$198.$792.
3" Trash Pump Discharge Hose$11.$44.$176.
3" Trash Pump Suction Hose$11.$44.$176.
Battery Charger$28.$110.N/A
Core Drill Rig$88.$352.$1,408.
Core Drill Vacuum Plate$55.$220.$880.
Core Drill Bit 1 1/2" (lessee responsible for bit wear)$6.N/AN/A
Core Drill Bit 4" (lessee responsible for bit wear)$11.N/AN/A
Core Drill Bit 5" (lessee responsible for bit wear)$17.N/AN/A
Core Drill Bit 8" (lessee responsible for bit wear)$22.N/AN/A
Drywall Jack$44.$176.N/A
Electric Jack Hammer (use HD extension cord only)$72.$286.$1,144.
Engine Hoist: aka Cherry Picker$28.$110.N/A
Flat Saw: 60 hp walk behind$220.$880.$3,520.
Floor Drum Sander$44.$176.$704.
Floor Edge Sander$44.$176.$704.
Generator 7250 watts$55.$220.$880.
Generator (Red) 7500 watts$55.$220.$880.
Generator (Blue) 8250 watts$55.$220.$880.
Heater Val 6 (will melt flooring)$55.$220.$880.
Heater Torpedo 110,000 BTU$55.$220.$880.
Ladder 8' Extension$22.$88.N/A
Pipe Threader with Dies$110.$440.$2,000.
Pressure Washer 3,500 psi$44.N/AN/A
Pressure Washer 4,000 psi with Steamer$66.N/AN/A
Scaffolding- Frame$5.N/AN/A
Scaffolding- Brace$3.N/AN/A
Scaffolding- Caster$6.N/AN/A
Seed Spreader: push$28.N/AN/A
Sewer Snake Drum$55.N/AN/A
Tile Table Saw (lessee responsible for blade wear)$55.N/AN/A
Transmission Jack$110.N/AN/A
Vibratory Plate: aka Plate Compactor$55.$220.$880.

Handheld Equipment

20 lbs Chipping Hammer (use large air compressor)$22.$88.N/A
30 lbs Demo Hammer (use large air compressor)$28.$110.$440.
90 lbs Jack Hammer (use large air compressor)$48.$190.$760.
Belt Sander: 3"x18" sandpaper @ Walmart$23.N/AN/A
Chainsaw 455 Rancher (lessee responsible for chain)$44.N/AN/A
Concrete Float$28.$110.$440.
Concrete Float Handles (each)$11.N/AN/A
Concrete Saw K760 Mix Gas (lessee responsible for blade wear)$55.$220.$880.
Concrete Vibrator$44.N/AN/A
Hammer Drill (small)$55.N/AN/A
Hammer Drill (large)$72.N/AN/A
Mag Drill$72.$220.$880.
Mag Drill Bits (lessee responsible for bits)$55.N/AN/A
Post Hole Digger$55.$220.$880.
Router & Bits (lessee responsible for bits)$44.N/AN/A
Sewer Snake: drill attachment (small)$17N/AN/A

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